Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Aspira Spa

I'm a true spa aficionado. For those of you who shrink at the thought of a stranger touching you, think "Pat Down at Airport Security." Believe me, the touch of a professional masseuse is infinitely more relaxing.

At the Osthoff Resort's Aspira Spa, I enjoyed a Moroccan Hot Oil Massage. My masseuse, Serena (what a great name for a masseuse!), drizzled hot oil on my skin, followed quickly by rubbing it in. The only negative about the treatment was that she wasn't a hot Moroccan...

The most memorable area in the spa was the dimly-lit Meditation Room. Designed in a great curve, the rounded walls created an aura of serenity. They say that corners cause stress. Comfortable banquettes hugged the wall, while in the middle, a round shallow pool was surrounded by tea candles.

When my group went for a light, healthy lunch in the Aspira Spa Cafe, we noticed that one woman was missing. Someone eventually found her asleep in the Meditation Room. To me, that's the ultimate spa experience. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Osthoff Resort

The Osthoff Resort, a sprawling AAA Four-Diamond Resort, overlooks lovely Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. The casual elegance is welcoming. I had an amazing suite in the all-suite hotel with a full kitchen and dining area. The living room had a fireplace which, I'm sure, comes in handy with the chilly Wisconsin temperatures. A balcony stretched across the living room and bedroom. The bedroom had a king-sized bed that was high and took a special hop to get into it. In the bathroom, a Jacuzzi tub and a walk-in shower gave me a choice of cleansing styles.

 The resort is BIG. My room was at the end of a long hall which I reached from another long hall. After doing the trek a couple of times a day, I felt no guilt skipping gym workouts. All in all, the Osthoff Resort was comfortable and is one of my favorite hotels. 


Welcome to my blog. It will be about my travels. I'll be writing about the places I've visited. My reports will reflect my honest reaction, viewpoint and opinion of what I've seen and done without an editorial overseer. Hopefully, you will enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed the travel experience.