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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Put Gettysburg on your "Bucket List"

History buffs and those interested in the Civil War should visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania because of the important role it played in American history. And history is around every corner there – so embrace it.

Gettysburg Museum and Visitors Center
Your first stop should be the Gettysburg Museum andVisitors Center to plan your visit, and to get an in-depth background of the battle. View the film, “A New Birth of Freedom,” narrated by Morgan Freeman. 

A small portion of the Cyclorama Painting

Then see the historic wraparound Cyclorama Painting where an audio show explains the battle of “Pickett’s Charge” in great detail.

 Gettysburg National Military Park
Travel the arena where the three-day battle and President Abraham’s famous Gettysburg Address took place. You may purchase a self-guided audio tour, or arrange for a paid guided tour at the museum. Several commercial bus companies offer tours with an onboard guide.
In 1776, the Reverend Alexander Dobbin built his new home the same year the founding fathers built a new nation. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the colonial building has been transformed into an elegant eatery that’s a consistent winner of Mobil Guide’s highest rating. There’s a bit of whimsy in the second floor dining room as some diners get to eat within a canopied bed.

The house also played an important role in 19th century America. It served as a station on the Underground Railroad. Hidden among the rafters is a secret hiding place for runaway slaves on their way to freedom. You can see it as you climb a narrow staircase to the small museum located in the attic.

Seminary Ridge Museum

Gettysburg’s newest museum is located in the former Lutheran Seminary that served as a Civil War field hospital. State-of-the-art exhibitions explore 19th century medicine, faith and race relations. The realistic life-size dioramas almost come to life as they depict the many human aspects of wartime Gettysburg.

Fairfield Inn
As one of the five oldest continuously operating inns in the US, the Fairfield Inn (constructed in 1757) has seen its share of VIP guests for over 200 years. Luminaries such as Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Eddie Plank, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jean Stapleton have slept there. With only six rooms/suites, guests enjoy modern amenities alongside antique furnishings.

Twentieth century history here. This casual café is dedicated to a local sports hero, Eddie Plank, who played professional baseball during the early 1900s. Plank was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1946. Photos of Plank and baseball memorabilia are on display. The restaurant features lunch, dinner, carry-out service and happy hour.

This candlelit evening walking tour is both entertaining and informative as it takes you to sites around town that have reported paranormal incidents.